High Speed
Dual Camera Sensor.

High speed stereo cameras packaged in a single streamlined unit for all ball and club head detection.
Why real?
High Speed Dual Camera System

A sensor system to the latest shooting high-speed camera detect golf ball flying through three-dimensional monitoring of track and measure your shots with a high degree of accuracy of 99.99%

Bravo Two Vision Technology

Our camera cognition & high speed camera analysis technology is also utilized in self driving cars superiority of technology

Swing Analysis

Follow the ball flight of every shot. For each shot, the distance, ball speed, club head speed, trajectory, etc. are shown.

Analyze your swing with up to two swing motion cameras. 16 split images allow for more accurate analysis. You can also upload your swing to our website.

Impact Anaysis

Impact analysis lets you evaluate exactly how you are striking the ball. This allows you to more easily and accurately analyze your ball striking. You can adjust your swing and see the immediate effect at the time of impact.
See immediately information relating to ball speed and spin following impact.

The beauty of the Bravo Golf Simulator is that you can analyze your clubhead path with real images all the way through the impact zone.

Technology Specifications

High-Speed three-dimensional analysis method.


Want to learn more about our Simulator? Our expert team can share detalied information and answer any questions you have.

We are based in Toronto, Canada

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